Recommendation Engine

Use Machine Learning to predict the next best offer for each of your clients.

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Increase your sales with customer-level customization.

Our model analyzes the historical behavior and characteristics of your customers to predict the product or service with the highest probability of purchase for each of them.

For what?

  • Run personalized campaigns for each of your customers
  • Define the best offer for each of your customers with an analytical and automated process based on internal and external data
  • Adapt quickly to changes in consumer habits and the launch of new products and/or services.

Expected results

  • Increase sales by offering relevant proposals to each of your customers.
  • Increase the proportion of cross and up-selling
  • Increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Increase customer satisfaction and lifetime value
  • Reduce the number of contacts per customer

Business Cases

  • Recommendation of:
    • Products 
    • Services 
    • Service channel 
    • Proceeds 
    • Content