Big Data Analytics

It will prepare your organization to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, increasing trust in your data and democratizing access to information for decision making. For this it is necessary to have a centralized and scalable data infrastructure, data quality and governance and availability of information from interactive dashboards.

1.Big Data Strategy

BigData & Machine Learning assessment to select technologies and prioritize business cases

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Data Infrastructure Design.

We survey, design and document the results so you can build your cloud infrastructure in the most convenient way:

  • Survey of data sources
  • Survey of technologies
  • Strategic data model assembly
  • Design of new data architecture
  • DataLake / Data Warehouse Definition
  • Definition of the most appropriate Machine Learning tools


Data Innovation Lab

With a focus on advanced data analytics projects, we help to find the priority initiatives     of the organization, according to the importance of the associated strategic objective, viability and the benefit to the business. Through an intensive and personalized session, we present cases and examples from different industries as triggers and work with conceptualization and brainstorming exercises to find the most viable initiatives for the business.


Service Model 

We help you by providing you with our experience in Data Science projects:

  • How you should put together your area and your service model.
  • Methodology of how to carry out the projects of BigData, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

2.Data Engineering

We develop automated and scalable data infrastructure, to be able to enhance your data-driven organization.

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 –Implementation of data architectures: Deploy and configure data storage and  processing infrastructures (DataLakes/DataWarehouse).

-ETL:Programming and automation of data extraction, transformation and loading processes (existing or new).

Maintenance and improvement: Monitoring of infrastructure and data processes, to ensure proper operation and the development of improvements.

3.Data Visualization

Development of Dashboards to improve decision-making by democratizing access to information.

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Business Intelligence: Development of dashboards to democratize access to information at the right time to make better decisions.

Technologies used: Power BI, Tableau, Qlik Sense.

BI as service: Don’t buy licenses! We give you a monthly service with our RockingData PowerSuite platform powered by Amazon Quick Sight.

4.Data Governance

We ensure orderly growth on the way to a data-driven organization, implementing a data governance model.

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Survey of current operating model

  • Understanding the current situation of data governance
  • Survey of data sources and available technologies
  • Knowledge of the data team


Data Governance Program

  •      Establishment of the Business Owners for each data domain, based on the survey carried out in the initial survey stage
  • Definition of Security and Data Access Policies and Procedures
  • Definition of quality metrics for the selected domains
  • Identification of processes and systems related to data domains.


Data Governance Committee

    Based on the definitions set forth in the Data Access and Security Policies and Procedures

  •     Exploration of the internal capabilities of the company, in search of those profiles that meet the necessary requirements. To this end, Workshops are established with the leaders of each area involved in the project, to raise awareness and train on the different roles within a Data Governance Program
  • Application of the appropriate profiles for the Data Governance Committee.